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Lancia Montecarlo Technical Tips

Slow Electric Windows

If your electric windows are very slow to operate and your motor sounds pained, then you have a problem. Without repair, the whole mechanism could fail and it would prove difficult to find a replacement.

If you follow these simple steps then yours too should run fine.

  1. Ensure glass is left fully up.
  2. Remove the door trim panel.
  3. Remove the plastic cover in the bottom of the door so you can get your hand inside.
  4. Locate window motor and route of cable that powers the window mechanism.

    Inside of Lancia Montecarlo door

  5. The cable that drives the window mechanism is not fully enclosed. You can feel the inner cable against the protective sheath. Apply plenty of grease (I used Castrol LM) to the cable forcing it between the inner and outer with your finger.
  6. Don't worry if you cannot get grease on the whole cable. Now lower the window on and some of the grease will be carried to the parts you could not reach.
  7. Repeat the greasing process until the cable appears well lubricated.
  8. The glass moves up and down in some metal runners with felt liners. These liners may not be as smooth as they used to be and could be lubricated. I applied some "Free 'N' Easy" silicon lubricant from Lakeland Limited (Ref 8998).
  9. Your window should now run smoothly. Mine lowers in 3.5 second and raised in 4 seconds.
  10. Refit the door panel.
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Last updated: 2000-12-27