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This site is written and maintained by Mike Pannell with help from other people on the net. I run this all in my spare time and make no profit or commercial venture out of it. I only have a couple of hours a week to spend on this project, so updates are sometimes infrequent.

This site has cost me about $100 a year to host and I've taken the unfortunate decision to have a small Google advert to help support the cost.


I am quite happy to answer questions by email, and try and answer each one. Unfortunately, due to other commitments the reply may be a couple of weeks coming.


There is much more information I can put on this site given the time and ideas. If you have a suggestion on how I can improve this site then please get in touch, especially if you can help write some of the information. A recent example of this is the Abarth 030 section that Sefano helped write.


I used to create custom CSS to make this site unique, but the time to maintain these now leads me to use standard product. This site should work well on both desktop and mobile browsers.

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